I came across this postcard 5 years ago and have always looked at it blankly and it felt meaningless to me as I lacked the motivation to look at the patterns I am stuck into that prevent me from astonishing myself (including the one about ‘I don’t do astonishment‘ – such a middle class word.)

Every day for a week meditate on a candle about the areas of your life where you don’t astonish yourself. Be brutally honest.

Which areas of your life would you like to astonish yourself in?

Can you be open and surprise yourself by making possible new ways of being?

What is it like to live with a continual sense of surprise or, go on, astonishment about everything that you are becoming?

Feel beautiful and easy change in your meditation. 

In one of my meditations the image of hurdling self-imposed barriers came to me. Hurdle, now that’s a nice word. Curdle hurdle girdle