Saturday 7th May: 11.45am
Invisible food monthly walk. Learn about wild herbs and their uses in a fun and friendly way. We’ll be visiting Ruskin park’s new pond area and finding safe places to forage in the park.

Some of the participants from the Spring training day will be around to continue to develop their plant id and knowledge with you. Come, support them and learn with them.

Start time
11.45am at Loughborough Centre, corner of Barrington Road and Angell Road, SW9 7TP We’ll leave around 12pm.

Bring suitable clothes for an outdoor walk with some overgrown areas. Bring a picnic to eat outside after the walk. Please get in touch for more info. or click here for a map

Previous walks:

In April, we collected wild herbs for a spring tonic soup and sang songs from around the world with Shilpa Shah.

In February, we beat the winter blues with a party in Myatts Field, with some food prepared by Invisible Food participants. The end of January and the beginning of February is the time of the Fire Festival of Imbolc, when the earth in the northern hemisphere is awakening from the stillness of Winter.

In November we looked for frost resilient edible plants such as the plentiful chickweed and goosegrass which loves this time of year. Now’s the time to harvest goosgrass while it’s young. We tasted goosegrass seed coffee made with seeds collected in dry July. Back at base we made festive wreaths from evergreen plants and a lavender and rose face cream.


The aim of Invisible Food is to strengthen social cohesion in disadvantaged areas throughout Lambeth, and specifically in the Coldharbour ward, through engaging with the natural environment. Invisible Food walks and workshops aim to increase opportunities for local residents to contribute their environmental, botanical and culintary knowledge and experience as part of a reskilling process towards a low carbon future.