When I chose the name for this site and as a name I like to write with, openbracket sprang to mind and I’ve never really thought through what this was all about?  There was something about the concreteness of the symbol which appealed but thinking through it today, there’s something about the curve/kerv that I like. The ( feels like a symbol of my womanity, it leaves a trace of the moon. The ( is a symbol of openness. The brackets that never close, that never close off information or material that is considered not essential to the meaning of the sentence, material that can be deleted if a tight word count was called for. The ( is about never being excluded, never cut from the proceedings.

When I finished the Slackers zine, I wanted to put a charm on the piece to protect it from the ravages of mind over body criticism that it risks by going out into the world. I want it out in the world. I would like it to be received in the spirit it was written, with love, with passion, with dedication, with careful consideration, but I can’t command the quality of its reception, so this little spell will protect it from the goolihans out there.