July 2007

On being literate 

History in our handtools with sharp points 

Query the gas bill

What do you mean when you say ‘I want you to be literate’?



Anonymous public writer 1

Desk    Post-it note       Briefcase

Tell many people the same things

Organise it to seem reasonable

Do not speak to the driver while the bus is in motion

Make them believe that C.R.A.P.



Anonymous public writer 2

Four grey columns

Exhaust fume base coat

Speed writing in case one of the cars stops

Answering the need to answer back

 At a distance   

A n d   o  v e  r     a   p        e ri    o         d o f  ti      m e

(not really finished, needs more work – want to get across an idea of what it means to be literate changes over time and is only relevant according to our surroundings – as Paulo Freire pointed out. Want to explore a kind of resisting literacy – where we become adept / literate at resisting, where we can read situations for how they alienate us or liberate us. Hmm, got some way to go but it’s a start)


Our Director

Who embezzles funds from shareholders

Hollinger curse thy name

Thy media empires crash

Thy will won’t be done

in US jail as it was in the Ritz Carlton hotel.

Give us back the happy days of the daily Telegraph

when media crooks forgave each other’s cash swindles

as we always forgive those who swindle the poor

For this is the united kingdom

in which Lords only get nicked

for pilfering from the rich.

For ever and ever,